The early days

The rivalry between NetEnt and Microgaming (MGS) dates back to the early days of online gambling. Top-NetEntCasinos states NetEnt started in 1996 and MSG predates by about 2 years.

First games

Bother companies started out with basic slot game offerings but as NorthumbrianHills states, NetEnt today creates an online gambling solutions for a variety of platforms. Slot games remained the staple of NetEnt.

MGS on the other hand started by hacking together card games with cut-out solitaire cards but eventually found that there is money in slot games and this became a focus.

Gambling philosophies

Over the years both companies found their niche and started developing their own philosophies to gambling and surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals to design and develop their online casino games.

Comparing the greats

Slot games remain the bread and butter of providers in the online gambling industry. This comparison will be the basis of our discussion to see who is better, NetEnt vs Microgaming.

  • Slot games are the staple of gaming providers
  • Providers have different gaming philosophies

The old and staid

Although MSG has moved with the times in certain aspects, their online slot games become staid, boring and "templated" over the years with them merely rehashing content on standard game templates.

The exciting and the new

As the relative new kid on the block, NetEnt remained agile enough not to fall into the same trap of familiarity. They kept on offering technologically exciting developments to their many operators.

Slot games ahoy

Although NetEnt only has around 200 or so games compared to MGS' over 500 games, the former's games are graphically unique and not just templates that have been rehashed from time to time.

  1. Gamblers want unique player experiences
  2. Template-driven games are on their way out

Both MGS and NetEnt games have excellent games with good features but Microgaming's games are more of the same, whereas NetEnt have more original game ideas supported by stunning and engaging graphics.

MGS Film studio partnerships

Both NetEnt and MGS have partnerships with movie studios so both offer games that tie in with these franchises. Microgaming offers games with Jurassic Park and The Dark Knight as its central themes.

NetEnt movie collaboration

NetEnt also believe that collaborating with famous movie houses. It normally is a race to secure the rights for a movie character but NetEnt managed with its Aliens and The Invisible Man games.

Game reliability

When comparing slot games, reliability and trust is a big factor. Both NetEnt and MGS product games that are 100% fair and both companies use eCOGRA to certify their games.

Game support

As their games are classified as industry leaders in online gambling, both MGS and NetEnt cannot afford any reputational damage. Therefor both are backed by 24/7 customer support and stellar service.

Progressive slots

As a player, your choices of playing progressives is really limited to the mighty Mega Moolah of MGS and the Mega Fortune by NetEnt. Both games have had record payouts at some time.

To summarise

Both companies have an equal representation when it comes to slot game reliability, progressive slot games and customer support and there is very little to choose one slot game provider over the other.

However when we consider slot game functionality and graphics, NetEnt is by far the leader in this area with fresh and unique gaming content and game functionality. Sometimes younger is better.